We encourage residents to continue supporting businesses. Buying gift cards for later use, ordering delivery/curbside/take out can make a difference in these challenging times. Consider paying in cash when possible to alleviate the credit card fees.

Below is a list we have compiled of  WesRidge businesses that are open and their offerings. The list is alphabetized. With the changing news coming so often please call the business before visiting them or to make sure they have what you need. We also included businesses that are accepting donations.

If you are a business and would like to be added to the list, email Ana at abermudez@rpba.org. Thanks.


Ajwaah Sweets: Open, 10am-8pm, takeout available, deliver only through Grubhub 
Arya Bhavan: Open, M,W-F, 5-9:30pm, Sat-Sun, 12-9:30pm, Tue, closed, curbside/takeout available, order through email: aryabhavan@aol.com
Bawarchi on Devon Restaurant: Open, call for hours (773) 856-0801, takeout available 
Best Naan: Open, 6am-12pm, takeout available, call for product availability (630) 362-0258
Cary’s Lounge: Closed 
El Pueblo: Open, 11am-10pm, delivery/takeout available 
Ghareeb Nawaz :Open, 8am-4am, takeout available
Great Chicago Food and Beverage: Open, 11am-8:30pm, delivery/curbside/ takeout available, call for gift cards 
Halal Peri Peri Chicken and Grill:Open, 12-pm, curbside/takeout pickup available 
Hema’s Kitchen: Open, 12-10pm, delivery/takeout available
House of Biryani: Open, 8am-2pm, takeout available, delivery available through Postmates 
Hyderabad House: Open, 24 hours, delivery/takeout available
Italian Express: Open, Sat-Thur,11-1am, Fr,i 1pm-1am, delivery/takeout available 
Karachi Chat: Open, 11-2am, delivery/takeout available 
Karahi Corner: Open Mon-Thu, 5-11pm, Sat, 1pm-12am, Sun, 1-11pm, delivery available
Khan BBQ Restaurant: Open, 12-11pm, delivery/curbside/takeout pickup available 
Kings Sweets: Open, 10am-9:30pm, takeout available 
New Chicago Pak Sweets Inc.: Open, 10am-10pm, takeout available 
Nepal House: Open, Wed-Mon, 11 am-9:30pm, delivery/take out available  
Regal Jewelers: Open, 11am-8pm, gift cards available in-store 
Sabri Nihari: Open, 12-10pm, delivery/curbside/takeout pickup available 
Serena Restaurant: Open, 12-11pm, delivery/curbside/takeout pickup available   
Spinzer Restaurant: Open, 12-11pm, delivery/curbside/takeout pickup available 
Tahoora Sweets & Bakery: Open, 10am-9pm, takeout available 
Taza Bakery: Open, 7am-7pm, curbside pickup available
Tel-Aviv Bakery: Open, 12-9pm, curbside pickup available, offering discounts
Tiffin: Open, 11:30am-10pm, delivery/takeout available 
Uru-Swati: Open, 12-9pm, delivery/pickup available 
Usmania Fine Dining: Open, 12-10pm, takeout available 
Zaitoon House: Open, 1-11pm, takeout available