From Sunday, March 19 through the fall of 2023 we will be displaying a Tuk Tuk art installation along Devon Avenue from Bell Ave. and Sacramento Ave.

Tuk Tuks are short distance 3-wheeled electric vehicles often found in South and Southeast Asia that have gained worldwide popularity. They are an entertaining and eco-friendly way to visit local areas.

Tuk Tuks are also called auto rickshaws, pigeons, mototaxis and many more names. They have been popularized in South Asia because of their convenience, affordability, size and intricate, colorful and vibrant decorations. You can find them all over South Asia like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many other Southeast Asia countries like Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, plus in many other countries around the globe.

These 3-wheeled electric vehicles are customized by their owners, so each one is unique and special. We invite you to join us and celebrate this mode of transportation and its cultural significance to the Devon Avenue South Asian community.  

Artists & Locations

Bari Fleischer at Kol Tuv, 2938 W. Devon Ave.
Richard Trumbo at Music House Inc., 2925 W. Devon Ave.
Fonté at Sign America, 2748 W. Devon Ave.
Luis Collindres at Republic Bank, 2720 W. Devon Ave.
Carolina & Jessica Juarez at Regal Jewels Inc., 2629 W. Devon Ave.
You Are Beautiful at New Devon, LLC (Sukhadia corner), 2559 W. Devon Ave.
Cheri Charlton at Sabri Nihari, 2502 W. Devon Ave.
Judith Mayer at Pulaski Court Apartments, 2260 W. Devon Ave.
Candice Johnson at Cary’s Lounge, 2251 W. Devon Ave.
Tom Molloy at Par Birdie, 2234 W. Devon Ave.

Sponsored by Devon Ave. businesses. Hosted by Devon Avenue Special Service Area #43.